Getting your fleet vehicle checked out when the airbag light comes on is crucial. Not only does it indicate a potential problem with the airbag system that can prevent them from deploying in the event of a crash, it can also leave you liable for injuries sustained if the airbag system doesn’t function properly when it needs to. General fleet maintenance includes checking your vehicle’s computer for any codes that may arise due to a faulty airbag or SRS (Supplemental Restraint System) system.

Reasons Your Airbag Light Is On

As with any computerized system built into a vehicle, many things can cause the airbag light to come on, signaling an issue. Sometimes the issue requires only a simple fix. For example, if the driver was involved in a fender bender and the crash sensors were activated but not at a high enough speed to deploy the airbags, you may need to have the system reset.

Wiring & Sensor Issues

Wiring and sensors are a large part of many computerized systems built into your fleet vehicle. If there is a problem with the wiring related to the airbag, it may cause the airbag light to come on. On the other hand, the opposite can happen; if there is an issue with the wiring, it may cause the airbag light not to come on, even though there is an issue that needs to be addressed. This is why regular maintenance of your fleet vehicles is important. Sensors that activate the airbags may also stop working or become corroded, causing a false light or the lack of an airbag light in the event of an issue with the system.

Airbag Light Liability

If your airbag light is on, it’s important to have the fleet vehicle checked out promptly, to find exactly what the problem is. If you or one of your employees is involved in an accident and the airbags malfunction or don’t deploy, you may be held liable for any injuries. The airbag light signals a problem with the system, and failure to fix the problem can be considered negligence. This can result in a personal injury claim, a claim against your company’s Workers’ Compensation insurance and more.

Maintaining your fleet vehicles also means ensuring the airbag system in each vehicle is working properly to help protect drivers from serious injury in the event of an accident. If the airbag light has come on in one or more of your vehicles, Ultimate Fleet Repair can diagnose and resolve the issue in a timely manner.