Whether your fleet vehicles are Freightliners® or cargo vans, keeping them maintained is a priority. Meeting warranty requirements and improving engine efficiency is important, but you also want to ensure your vehicles are safe and ready for the road. Vehicle maintenance and repair costs are part of your overhead, but sometimes vehicle downtime takes the biggest bite out of your profits. To reduce the overall cost of fleet repair, consider the time and money you can save with on-site maintenance and repairs by our team at UFR. 

Cut Down Travel Time

Whether your fleet vehicle needs routine maintenance before it is put back into service rotation or you need a quick repair, save time with UFR mobile or on-site vehicle service. Travel to and from repair shops adds more time to the service. On-site repairs and maintenance ensure that when the service is completed, your vehicle is ready to be put back into service. This can reduce the total downtime of the vehicle by hours, even days. 

Focused Service

When you have your vehicle serviced on-site, you never need to worry that time is wasted while your vehicle waits in line for its turn in a repair shop bay. Our UFR technicians will come to your business and focus solely on performing the repairs or maintenance needed. As soon as the service is finished, your vehicle is on-site and ready for your drivers. 

Towing Time 

Need a repair and don’t want to wait for a tow? Many repairs can be done on-site, saving the time and expense of towing your fleet vehicle. Our UFR technicians will come to you with our fully stocked service vans. If the repair needs to be completed in a shop, we also offer tow service to our full-service repair shop in Eagan. 

Keep your fleet vehicles maintained efficiently with on-site service from UFR. We also offer transport or towing to our repair shop in Eagan for complex repairs. We service all types of fleet vehicles with our on-site and mobile repair options. Call us today to schedule your next fleet maintenance or repair service at your on-site location in the greater Twin Cities area.