The lights you may see on your dash from time to time are designed to let you know there is a problem. You may see a symbol that indicates the air pressure in your tires is low, or you may see the oil light come on when it’s time for an oil change or if the oil level is low. Some dash lights signal a more serious problem that needs to be taken care of as soon as possible. Let’s learn more about these lights.

Yellow Dash Lights

If a light has come on and it is yellow, it means there is a problem, but you have time to get to the closest shop without causing much more damage. A yellow dash light should not be ignored, since the problem can get worse, and eventually the light will become red. The most serious of these yellow lights have to do with the engine (e.g., high engine temperature or an issue with how the engine is running), or with the braking and tire systems. These can be anything from low tire pressure to an issue with your anti-lock brakes that may affect how the vehicle stops.

Red Dash Lights

A red light on the dash means you need to pull over and call for a tow truck. The light may have turned on as yellow at first and then turned to red before you were able to get to a shop. Once that light is red, you may cause more damage to the vehicle. A malfunctioning safety feature can increase your risk of injury, especially in an accident.

Potential Damage

Continuing to drive once a red dash light has come on can cause serious damage to your vehicle. For example, a red light indicating high engine temperature may lead to your fleet vehicle overheating. A vehicle that overheats is at risk of a blown head gasket or other even more serious problems that could potentially cost considerably more to fix than the cost of a tow truck.

Whether your dash light is yellow or red, bring your fleet vehicle to Ultimate Fleet Repair. Not only can routine maintenance prevent potential problems but can repair any issues that have already come up. We can handle the regular maintenance and repairs for all your fleet vehicles, including vans, trucks or transport vehicles, such as Ford Transit, Sprinter, and ProMaster. Contact us today!